Monday, January 2, 2012

Mario Maurer Philippines

Welcome to the new group blog site for Mario Maurer care-off by one of the admin of MMPH Oreos, Ariel Alaras Boter.

Mario Maurer Philippines Oreos is once known group in Facebook which I joined last October. This site will be updated by the admins of this blog and this will be lead by Ariel. He will keep on updating this site for Mario Maurer's latest updates.

Everything about Mario Maurer will be posted on this site. More updates to come. Admin Ariel will share everything about Mario Maurer into different genres such as entertainment, news, pictures, videos and more.

Hope you'll support this site and make this a known blog site for Mario Maurer.


  1. <3 MArio Maurer.. Always watch you in A Little thing called love.. <3